About Me

My name is David Johnson and I am a senior studying Biomedical Engineering and Physiology at the University of Arizona. I’m from Tucson, so I’ve basically been surrounded by cacti my entire life. If you couldn’t guess, I have a passion for medicine and engineering, which is driven by academic interest, utility, and many medical issues within my family. I’m one of those curious people who doesn’t quit and always strives for more. I’ve recently developed an strong interest in medical simulation from interning in the Arizona Simulation Technology and Education Center (ASTEC) at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. It is my goal to learn everything in an interdisciplinary fashion. I believe it is important to apply all the knowledge you have in all the ways you can (or seem reasonable) because ideas are not confined to one field. I will further my education, see the world, and apply what I know. Feel free to watch me along the way! 🙂